Into the Desert

Our 3-day trip glamping in a Land Yacht Airstream near Joshua Tree National Park turned out to be not so much about romance than about feeling and facing fear. I can't think of a more healing and magical place to do that work.

Musical Genius at Rancho Zanduga

Today we were blown away by guitar genius Gil Gutierrez and a full cast of top-notch (and sometimes Grammy-winning) musicians at Gutierrez's stunning Rancho Zandunga. Not surprising in a region that seems to offer music everywhere you turn.

Today in the Garden

El Charco del Ingenio is a botanical garden and nature reserve that would bring the poet out of anyone. It has an extensive collection of rare and threatened plants of Mexico, an eye-popping canyon and array of wildlife. I could -- and did -- spend hours here.

Found in San Miquel

Yes, we're tourists. But our greater goal in all these world travels remains finding a place where we might become part of a community that fits both Joe's and my differing needs. San Miguel feels like a sort of jackpot in that realm . . .SO MUCH going on here! Including the best celebrations and fireworks we've ever seen!

The Drums of World Peace Play on Venice Beach

Walk along Venice Beach on any Sunday afternoon and you will hear them: the drums of peace. You'll also see the flags of the world's nations lined up side by side, an image of world unity that the organizers of DrumDancePray hope will carry from this patch of sand across the globe.

What's In a Name?

Ever hear the name of a place, but no matter how much you scratch your head, you can't place the place? There's a place not far from us that is THAT PLACE. You've heard it mentioned a thousand times and every time you do you scratch, scratch, scratch: Where the heck is that? 

I Breathe, Therefore I Need Political Asylum

What does health care have to do with a travel blog? Perspective. If other countries can provide quality affordable health care to all their citizens, why are lawmakers in the richest country in the world proposing an "American Health Care Act" that would make fighting treatable, preventable disease impossible for millions of Americans?

The Joy of Rediscovering

Sometimes the most amazing discoveries are right outside your own front door and have been there all along. You've looked, but have you really seen them? I’ve been slowly learning this lesson since moving away from Seattle, and perhaps most earnestly since returning to Los Angeles after our recent travels.

A Wonder

After traveling through seven countries, 50 cities and 12 airports in the last three months, why was I suddenly nervous about my self-assured, adventurous daughter taking flight? Putting fear in its place.

Dear Donald: Paris Will ALWAYS Be Paris

I know this will be a BIG surprise to The Donald, but it turns out Paris is just as bustling, beautiful, romantic, culturally superior and gustatorily blessed as it ever was. And even more so than it was years ago, the last time either Joe or I saw it.

Signs from the Universe

I am thankful that sometimes the universe conspires to connect us to the people we care about, even at a substantial distance. I grateful that sometimes it signals you, it reminds you that those you love are always close in heart.