Cheryl & Joe with Lucy, who they rescued off the the streets of Sayulita, Mexico in 2014.

Cheryl & Joe with Lucy, who they rescued off the the streets of Sayulita, Mexico in 2014.

Allow us to introduce ourselves and welcome to our travel blog!

Joe Shapiro is a New York City native and independent filmmaker who passed through Seattle (for 14 years), made a little pitstop at Microsoft and scooped up Cheryl Murfin before landing in Los Angeles. He is currently on the hunt for a film partner/screenwriter with a truly collaborative creative approach.

Cheryl is former journalist, sometimes freelance writer and longtime birth worker and former Executive Director of the Seattle Midwifery School (now at Bastyr University). She's owner of Nesting Instincts Perinatal Services, serving clients in Seattle and Lost Angeles, and is the founder of the weekly Venice Writers Block writers workshop. 

We're both avid photographers who tend to take a lot of the same photos but from very different angles -- which makes for a fascinating review of where we've been. We both also love to travel and after eight years of saying "Let's just go!" we are finally doing just that. No itinerary, no set plans, just our backpacks, our cameras and our passports. 

Don't get us wrong, we both feel very lucky to have been born where we were born with all the privileges that American birthright affords. But to say we've been a little disillusioned by corporate culture and politics that has our country in a vice grip would be an understatement. So, beyond the fun and adventure of traveling, our goal is to explore what other countries are doing better than ours in terms of securing happiness and stability for all citizens. 

We invite you to check back when you can and travel with us.

Bon Voyage!


All photos on this site were taken by Joe Shapiro and Cheryl Murfin.