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Today in the Garden

Today in the Garden

Today colors rose up
From the ground
Alive, alive and breathing
Sunflowers by the thousands
Tangoing with the breeze
A yellow, so molten
It seemed the sun laid down
In the field

Across these blazing blooms
A flash of fire, a spark in the air
A blood red bird
A warbler I think
Spread her wings
In a sky the blue of Mary’s robe
And dotted with crisp white
Looney Tunes clouds

She flew like fireworks
Among sharp-tined cacti
They were the color of guacamole
With a pinch of paprika
And from their barbs
Striped-legged spiders
Wove a sticky silk
Into luminous veils
And waited so patiently for
The unfortunate bride
To happen by

Here the lichen
Laid itself across the rocks
In calico colors, 
Not-quite turquoise, 
Mustard yellow and pastel green
Spread out side-by-side
A painter’s palette
And the picture painted
At the same time

In the canyon below
Fatigue green water
Made the white of egrets
And wide-winged crane
More brilliant
As they rose
Like decision-made smoke
From the papal tower

All around, a harmony
Sung by grass green crickets
Melding into green grass
And by stone gray lizards
Disappearing before my eyes
Into the gray stones
And by the leaves shaking
In the wind
Maracas for the chorus
And then came the solos,
Muddy sheep bahing under emerald trees
Ducks honking on a lake
Buzzing bees, bleating goat
And two chocolate brown colts
Neighing under the sun

With each step
In this garden
A spray of butterflies took flight,
Orange, yellow, white, black
Like a shower of confetti
Tossed in front of a hero
Like cloaks laid down
For a queen
To cushion and color
Her stroll

The book was wrong
We were not cast out
This is Eden
Nurtured and preserved
A cathedral still open
No apples in site.

~ Charco Del Ingenio Jardin, Man Miguel de Allende, Mexico 2017


Marking Time at Canada de le Virgen Pyramid

Marking Time at Canada de le Virgen Pyramid

Found in San Miquel

Found in San Miquel